The Copenhagen sense

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Welcome to Copenhagen Airport – one of the best airports in the world. Check in to a partnership that lets the Copenhagen sense of place crawl under your skin.
And be a part of a award winning shopping center with lounges, shops, restaurants and bars under one roof.

Together we create extraordinary shopping experiences for all of our customers.

Repeatedly awarded for excellence

  In 2016 Copenhagen Airport won the prestigious award of best food and beverage offer of the year
  Copenhagen Airport has been awarded best airport shopping center by ASQ 7 times in the last 8 years
  In 2019 CPH Airport won the Skytrax World Airport awards for ”Best Airport in Northern Europe”.

One roof terminal

The airport’s layout and architecture are inspired by Scandinavian design with homelike details that is seen in every corner of the terminals. This results in a calm, relaxed and unhurried ambience that invites passengers to linger a little longer.

The shopping experience is enhanced by our one roof terminal designed to optimize passenger dwell time through the shopping center. This gives your shop the opportunity to interact with every passenger travelling through Copenhagen Airport.

International powerbrands and local heroes

There is no such thing as coincidences in shopping experience at Copenhagen Airport. We have a strict focus on creating a combination of both classic and new brands in order to appeal to every type of customer.

It is our goal to present international brands alongside their top Scandinavian counterparts in a natural flow throughout the shopping center.

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