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Marketing opportunities

Marketing is an essiential part of our shopping center. We are digital experts and have repeatedly been awarded for both our website and social media campaigns.

Our loyalty-building and weekly newsletter has more than 360,000 active members in the Nordic region who has a higher spend per head than other passengers.

  • Created with Sketch. Copenhagen Airport features a one roof shopping center that ensures maximum brand exposure
  • Created with Sketch. The award-winning shopping center’s unique design is based on detailed passenger and traffic flow data
  • Created with Sketch. Best retail square meter efficiency in all of Denmark

Create extraordinary shopping experiences

Together we can create extraordinary and relevant shopping experiences both before and after the journey. We are always trying to improve the experience for our customers by adding new dimensions such as personalization, exclusivity, participation, social engagement and digital empowerment.

We help you to improve

As a partner in Copenhagen Airport, we offer you the possibility to improve your revenue and engage even better with your customers on different levels:

  • Our retail academy makes it easier for you employees to enhance their skills in a CPH context via an e-learning-programme
  • We have mystery shoppers to help you find ways of improving the shopping experience
  • As a special service for our Chinese guests, we offer wayfinding and guide services

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